Holiday home away from home


 A boarding home for pet lovers where the love continues

Club Street Kennels is a pet-minding home away from home for pets. This is where Gail and Kirsty take care of and look after pets lovingly while their owners are at work for the day or away on holiday.

Club Street Kennels serves as a boarding home for a variety of pets. It is open seven days a week and encourages monitored socialising among the pets, grouping small dogs together and bigger dogs in their own space.

Gail Smith has four loyal pet loving employees that work with her when it comes to the day to day running of the kennels treating the animals as if they were her own. We also rehabilitate and find lost dogs new permanent homes with loving new owners.


Club Street Kennels helps to sterilize and inoculate pets in the Linksfield area and thereabouts. We do our best to rehabilitate and find them permanent homes with loving new owners. More...



Club Street Kennels motto is 'home away from home'. We are aiming to make sure that your pets' stay is a pleasant one. At Club Street Kennels we aim to offer the pets comfort, security and a cooked meal. More...

A perfect plan for while you are away on holiday

The pets at Club Street Kennels are taken for walks on a daily basis, they have plenty of fresh water, baby pools and are professionally groomed before going home. The company is driven by passion and its love for animals.

Call us now on 082 421 3022 if you are looking for that extra special treatment at a boarding kennel for your beloved pet while you are away, giving you peace of mind.


Holiday home away from home